It’s challenging for people across America right now. Inflation and food and fuel prices are up, and although these issues disproportionately affect seniors and people on low and fixed incomes, they are certainly of concern to all of us. As residents are balancing their home budgets and working to get the most out of their dollars, it is incumbent on those elected to represent them to do their very best to carefully manage the tax dollars, while at the same time supporting schools and protecting vital services.

While serving Simsbury, I:

  • Worked to find efficiencies/make the most of tax dollars:
    • Saved over $1M on the new emergency radio system by partnering with the Fire District
    • Supported the shared building official between Simsbury and Bloomfield.
    • Combined the Finance departments of the Town and Board of Ed
  • Led the passage of bipartisan budgets that have kept taxes in check over the past 5 years
  • Presided over phenomenal growth in our grand list (taxable property) through policies that support business attraction and retention. This helps take some of the burden off homes as Simsbury’s primary source of taxes
  • Supported expanding the first responder tax credit for volunteer fire and EMS, essentially doubling the allowable tax break
  • Supported property tax deferral program during the pandemic for businesses and homeowners

As Simsbury's State Representative, I will support:

  • The State expanding what’s allowable, giving communities more flexibility to provide tax relief.
  • The state needs to give municipalities more flexibility in their tax structure – what is taxed. In Connecticut, we are overly reliant on property taxes to pay for schools and local services; this is unequitable and puts a tremendous burden on homeowners. In other states, communities have greater discretion in what taxes they collect and are therefore less reliant on homes. · 
  • State incentives that encourage communities to collaborate regionally to drive efficiencies.